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Vintage Fisher-Price Little People

I have always been charmed about the toys of my childhood which was in the seventies and in particular the little people toys charmed me most of all. When I was in a thriftshop in Belgium I bought a bus with some little people in it. It was the start of a modest collection, which gave me a lot of pleasure. The pleasure of a treasure hunt; not knowing what to find, if finding something/anything at all.

What I want to do with this blog is share my pleasure of collecting stuff, even if my collection is by all standards very modest. I think the key to a collection is the pleasure of it. Of course some people want to be exhaustive and find everything. And that’s all right. Others want everything sealed and in mint condition. That’s fine by me, but it was not the standard I set for myself.

To be honest, I set no standard at all, except the Little People. It was ok for me if they had some scratches or lost all colour due to exposure to the sun. I didn’t mind the idea that they were played with and used and abused by childrens hands. On the contrary, they were reminensces of a time long gone. And I don’t think you should hide the passing of time and life. And wasn’t it its purpose to be played with? I was getting older and in didn’t mind that my collection got a patina just like me.

In collecting, there is some magic involved for me. First of all I did not know what I would find in that thriftstore. Second, I did not know what appealed to me to that old bus with little people. But I know I bought it because I liked it. Third point of magic is that I did not know that it would be the start of a collection. It is the magic of an unexpected encounter with a lifeless object.

The idea of this blog came to me in a dream I had this morning. I was on an exhibition in America and the exhibition used vintage Fisher-price toys as props. At the end of the exhibition the curators sold the props. In my dream I remember wanting to buy all of it, because it was vintage Fisher Price I did not know existed. I got exited to find exclusive stuff and took out my wallet to find out I did not have enough money to buy it all, which depressed me a little bit. I remember buying toy paddles (roeispanen) Which reminds me of a dutch saying: “Je moet roeien met de riemen die je hebt.” For the time being I don’t know how to say that in English. I will google it.

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